Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Speaking from Experience: To Dry For.

More research for exisiting tea towel designs, this time, from the website 'To Dry For' http://www.todryfor.com/default.asp which specialise in the print, reproduction and distribution of tea towel designs...

Great use of minimal colours in this design- I will try and restrict the amount of colours I use in my own designs, yet make them work consistently as a series (with the set of tea towels together). Really love the bold, cute design and the blocked out type. Really makes a statement.

Again, great combination of colours working together- the red and green visually translating and communicating the commonly regarded colours of apples, as well as a quirky and hand-drawn-esque design which makes the image look altogether a lot more friendly and homely- the sort of aesthetic that I apsire to achieve, as well as making informative. Creating the fun aesthetic design will make the information appear a lot less "preachy".

Brilliant! A great turn on the usual "pork chops" diagrams that you would see- looks almost like an infographic diagram, this is really fun and inventive- taking a recognisable image and turning the cliche on it's head.

A fun play on words, this design uses text and image very well together in an icon- filled, ,memorable design. I think the design would work better with a little more colour though, to represent the "peace and love" movement it is mimicking.

A really simple yet innovative design- highlight the 'D' 'R' and 'Y' in the alphabet- good formatting and layout too, ensuring that none of the letters are widowed or irregular in the set.

A really bold and simple design which depends upon line and shape to develop a level of visual communication and recognisability. I think the yellow might be a little too bright in this design as it fights a little for focus with the drawn items, though it certainly stands out.

Great hand-drawn illustrations, a lot more detail than previous designs I have been looking at, though it certainly stands out. For the content that I want to portray in my designs, an illustrative style like this may be a little too detailed- though it would certainly be worth experimenting with, particularly in the printing process to see what sort of result I achieve.

 Another detailed drawing- as aforementioned, probably not a style I will end up using, (also considering time constraints, and what I have left of the project!) though very interesting- I really like the composition of this one, an interesting down-shot...like something that I would have used in my photography practice.

A great, cheeky play on words- fun typeface- a lot of movement and shape which gives it a bold, "bubble-like" style- not too defined or aligned. Reversed- out type also works well here...the simpler the design, the more affective it seems to be.

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