Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Speaking from Experience: Paper Craft and Pop-Ups.

Really innovative and fun pop-up paper craft designs on the Behance network by Daisy Lew- a great link that I was sent my friend and fellow classmate Sarah (
In her pop-up series, Daisy is inspired by the iconic symbols and landmarks of New York City- my favourite of the set (and of course, being relative to my design practice foodie theme- see for project developments!) being "the big apple".

There has obviously been a great deal of work put into this carefully and skillyfully crafted piece- ensuring the angles were exact and aligned in each of the buildings from every viewpoint- resulting in a crisp, clever and memorable design. Really great stuff.

This has definately inspired me to try my hand at experimenting with pop-ups a little. Due to the concept of my project changing slightly, this may also be more fitting- now being able to scale my method of delivery down- perhaps not being able to make an animation (which my original idea of creating three-dimensional paper craft items would have catered for), but now really experimenting within the limits of book or card dimensions, and challenging myself all the more due to the limitations of scale.

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