Sunday, 1 May 2011

Speaking from Experience: Ikea- Homemade is best.

A link sent to me by classmates Luke after discussing some of the ideas of my project. A really great design idea, whereupon, like their flat-pack structures they designed a "coffee table book" whereupon baking was the focus. Instead of creating samey, unoriginal images and design- they chose to break down their ingredients and photograph them, all with a baking theme. On the first page, inspired by Japanese minamalism, you have the singular ingredients, and when the page is turned, you see how the items put together look in their final stage- great design compositions and an original, yet simple idea. I really like these photographs, and they have given me a lot of inspiration as how to present my own images and designs.

Great colours too- really bold, the images pop out on the page. Can't wait to get experimenting! 

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