Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Speaking from Experience: Food Diary.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to source the name of this illustrator, but I really admire the work! (If anyone has any ideas, please send me a message and I'll apply the credit where credit is due!)
Not only a great illustrative style- expressive, scratchy use of pen work- quite Quentin Blake- like, but also a really interesting project. I really like the idea of the self-motivating regime structure of illustrating absolutely everything you eat (and it would make me very self-concious about my diet!). I'd really like to attempt a project like this, perhaps setting a time frame- for a month, for example. Although I use to draw a great deal at college (every day without fail), developing new software skills whilst at Uni has definately held me back a little- now afraid that my illustration skills aren't quite up to scratch. I'd definately like to generate some food illustrations through this project- whether they are used in a final design stage or not, I feel it could be a really good ideas generation process.

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