Monday, 2 May 2011

Speaking from Experience: Online Shopping.

 Looking into mapping and the time it takes to get to food stockist and suppliers of my energy-rich foods. Although I have begun to source and locate shops around Leeds (see research collected thus far on my design practice blog,, I could possibly also create a directory of online shopping sources, where you can purchase some of the items if time is desperately short (e.g, if procrastination got the better of you during a project and everything got left to the last minute!)

Here are some of the online shops I have found so far...

Obviously sourcing online food and drink retailers would be a little harder than sourcing shops in the local area- and wouldn't be as specific to the course or the brief in general. With only the large, global or national brands able to afford online shopping facilities, the numbers are also limited.
Although I like the idea of promoting online shopping for those in desperate need of time, I don't think I would make it a main feature- perhaps an addition, or a flyer or leaflet.

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