Sunday, 22 May 2011

InDesign Brief: Interesting Design Layouts.

A series of interesting or unusual magazine DPS' that have inspired or given interest towards my InDesign brief. All images sourced from the Behance Network.

A DPS from Art & Australia Magazine, designed by Clinton Duncan.
Good combination of a simple grid structure with a more abstract choice of colour palette and type overlay. Really love this idea of highlight each of the magazine supplement sections with type- direct, and the reader instantly knows what the subject matter is about. Very eye-catching. Good use of reversed- out type to make the background attention-grabbing and bold.

Mono Magazine- a monthy publication aimed at the over 50 male age bracket. A sophisticated and elegantly- designed publication which highlights design, fashion, culture and current affairs (similar to magazines such as GQ). 

A really impressive design by Graphic Designer, David McGillivray- even creating his own unique 'Mono' logotype for the typeface of the magazine- creating a defined and unique identity- creating a really modern, design influenced san serif typeface- simple, structured and light- perfectly minimal.

A really interesting publication, with a lot of variation of layouts throughout the magazine, with type and image often juxtaposing in unusual ways- but with a consistent typeface and style. 

A really modern and bold feel, a magazine that could really open up a new market of publication for the modern middle aged gentleman.

Piste magazine, created by Finnish designer, Tuukka Koivisto. 
Quite reminisant of Swiss design, Piste showcases bold minimalism with monochrome colouring and a photographic influence. A really interesting use of textbox overlays on the photographs- ensuring that they are both working, and not against, one another.

Mod Magazine, created by Sydney-based designer, Michael Schepis.
What really interested me about this publication was the contents page, which balances abstract imagery with clean and vast use of negative space- which creates real impact, using bright colours and bizzare line drawings spread over the DPS. Regimented, yet random. Really cool design idea.

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