Monday, 16 May 2011

Speaking from Experience: Instillation Inspiration.

Still with full hope, and now the go-ahead from tutor Amber (horray!), I have begun researching for inspiration for the layout of my interactive instillation design (see to see how my project has evolved!)
The main criteria I want to focus upon are:

-Food relative
-Easy recognisable, visually communicative
-Feesable to make with a limited space and within a two day period

My inital thoughts were:

-Supermarket Aisle
-Conveyor Belt
-Market Stall

However, when starting to rationalise these ideas, and in particular there scale, it was frankly intimidating- to achieve the result I desire it would have had to have been a five month project- not the five weeks.

I started to go back to basics, and think about lunchtimes- meals...and remembered my design sheets- simple, knife, fork, plate- perhaps I could create a table setting, or a lunchbox- it would take up little room and allow for one-on-one interactivity- along with other information and details, perhaps leading to a blog, or within a hot dog fold booklet, etc.
Inspired by paper once more (when am I not?), I thought of American brown paper lunch bags...

I really like the idea of the student (my audience) being able to pull out the items onto "their plate"- making a concious decision to really look at the items (when presented with them)- hopefully taking in all of the messages and key points about the items. 
I will now go on to design a table place setting, which I hope will be feesable in time for the final crit session on Friday morning, aswell as my photography session on Wednesday.

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