Sunday, 1 May 2011

Concept, Content and Method of Delivery Boards: Research.

Beginning to research particular themes and styles for my concept, content and method of delivery boards. Whereas I have done several before for past projects, I feel as though they have always been somewhat of an afterthought, I really want to design boards that speak for themselves- that give a feel for my project and the styles and themes I intend to address. With a food-shopping theme, I decided to focus on this style, inspired by one of my favourite film title sequences, from 'Napoleon Dynamite'...

I love the way that the roles and creatives names within the film are so creatively displayed- each one upon an "artefact" of Napoleon's life- something that holds significance within the theme or the character's life (I particularly like the food shots- with names written out in several condiments!)

Whilst it may be a little tricky for me to write my full concept out on a plate in mayonnaise, I am thinking about creating a design based around a place setting...with a name tag above each board "concept", "content", or "method of delivery" and hopefully, with use of colour and vector design create boards that our visually engaging and represent my project well...

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