Monday, 23 May 2011

Speaking from Experience: Past Year's Work- Rosalind Stoughton.

I came across a previous year's design from a member of the LCA BAGD design group, Rosaling Stoughton. I really love her original and unique idea to encorporate timetabling with the graphic design practice by introducing a typeface coding system, as well as introducing the typefaces to the students.
Her Behance Network page states...

Brief: Create a product to help new students on the Leeds College of Art Graphic Design course manage their first year better. 

The diary introduces one typeface every day, including a brief history of the typeface and a piece of design that features it. The idea was to keep students inspired every day, while helping them to manage their time efficiently. It is aided by a space to sketch out ideas, and a checklist of things to complete each day in order to stay on top of the workload.

A really cool idea...given the chance, I would of perhaps liked to explore something a little-more design focused like Rosalind has done. I have a tendancy within my work to veer off track, so this is a great example of how specific and aligned with the brief you can be.

Great variety and use of different stocks to suit the typefaces and subject matter chosen.
Also, really interesting use of wood as a material as the outside cover- definately one to try!