Sunday, 22 May 2011

Speaking From Experience: Researching Recipe Cards.

Researching recipe cards for inspiration and source material for my own 'Speaking from Experience' brief (see my design practice blog, for developments!). All images sourced from the Behance network...

Love the composition, layout and method of delivery used to produce these cards- really inventive use of the photography from an up-shot of the ingredients used. Really bright, bold and distinctive cards, which also work well as a set. Great contemporary design.

Charming illustrative and hand-painted designs, absolutely crammed with detail, obviously a lot of time and skills put into creating these design cards. Perhaps a little too intricate for my target audience- the first year Graphic Design students- need something a bit more punchier and direct, that will hold their attention.

Great colours and simple vector illustrations used in this design- the sort of design style that really makes me tick- taking inspiration from signage and pictograms. The pictures are simple, yet represnetative enough to make a clear representation of the methods used in the diagrams- great series. Works really well as the right-hand side of the DPS in the image below- great order of structure and layout without being too formal.

Fun A-Z of food alphabet, with written ingredients and method of producing recipes on each single page. A really fun typographic experiment- the monochrome ensures that it works well with every colour palette page throughout the book.
Fun idea, though I think that the illustrative typography might be a little too fussy here- simpler line drawings would work just as well, and not make the page look so top heavy- detracts from the information beneath, need more balance in the design layout.

A five-a-day guide by previous LCA BAGD graduate, Jimmy Smith. A really fun, well laid-out booklet, but the most inspiring stand-out feature is certainly his fruit and vegetable typographic photography alphabet- a great way to visually communicate his design outcome, and innovative- incorporating the design feature and it's purporse.

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