Sunday, 27 November 2011

Research//Business card designs.

Researching some more business card designs for inspiration for developing and re-vamping my own business cards to be more fitting to my design practice and contemporary methods of print-based production. Around this time, I am also developing four business cards for freelance commisions, so look for further creative inspiration in this field. 

For my own business cards I aspire to create something innovative, creative, professional, yet also playful- a style of work which I think is pretty consistent in my portfolio- I don't like work which takes itself too seriously.

Images below are sourced from the following websites:

Brilliant visual communication. Simple and playful- done.

LOVE this idea- so unique and a great use of materials- really thinking creatively here. Very distinctive and visually communicative. Just my cup of tea.

Fun use of kirby grips (or bobby pins, for those in the US!) on these business cards advertising for a hairdressing and make up artistry service. Again, showcasing how the simplist ideas can often be the most effective.

So simple- it's amazing what a fold can do. So perfect for the design name. Great thinking.

LOVE this business card- the envelope design is very sweet and charming and the idea of the free seeds is very memorable and innovative- you wouldn't forget about this business with the presentation of this "card"- love the logo too, really simple but, again, very effective- works very well indeed.

Brilliant use of alternative substrates here- something completely new and diverse to what you would usually find from a business card, yet still in keeping with the standardised 55mm x 85mm size format, which ensures that it is still visually connected or representative of a business card, and not unrecognised 
as serving this particular function.

Again, another great example of an interactive business card- very engaging and would, of course, be very memorable for the recipient- unusual and innovative.

Love the fluorescent spot colour used in this card along with the perforated tag- showcasing the duplexed paper- would love to create something like this- fun, engaging, interactive yet still really edgy and a minimalist design layout. Very cool.

Can't get enough of the print finishes. Cool design- great use of scrape foil (yes, this isn't the right word, I'm sure- but scratch card foil material, you catch my drift)- could have a really fun, innovative and witty play on words- perhaps making a range of business cards with several messages- almost creating a 
"collectability" about them?

BRILLIANT idea- here, the teeth embossed design shown like an impression performed and created at the dentist (often used for making molds for retainers and braces, etc)- perhaps a little too in contrast with the traditional type and layout for my liking- would have kept it a bit more minimal- though great design nonetheless.

Again- interesting stock choice- unique and memorable- the rounded corners adds an interesting detail too- looks very considered and well-made.

Love the variation of colours on this business card design- quite uncommon in terms of business cards on the whole, but it makes it a truly unique and memorable design with simple, modern shapes which, though perhaps not wholly visually communicative, are aesthetically pleasing- I'd want something perhaps with a little more substance as opposed to solely style?

Gorgeous use of illustrative type combined with image- and on wonderful metallic stock too. Really sexy designs- loving the rounded corners. Full of consideration and curvature. Yum.

Hooray! The style of business card I just love- fun, fun, fun. Brilliant idea- a wordsearch for finding the important stats and data of the designer. I want something like this please! Fun, engaging, interactive and memorable.

Brilliant concept and ideas portrayed through this business card- along with, of course, a wonderful deboss print finish that, combined with textured stock and a one-colour print is pretty hard to resist. Love the vintage, circus- esque style- really unique and fun.

Why have I never thought of this before? Great idea for a business card in a self-contained wallet... almost makes more of an "event" with the reveal of the information. Fun and innovative.

Chic and simple- can't resist the combination of italicised font and spot colours. I am your slave- and monochrome too, always reliable. Great design- contemporary and professional.


  1. Fantastic collection very impressive!Thanks for putting this inspiring list together..PSD to WordPress

  2. these are very impressive design for business cards..thanks for sharing it as it might be needed when use it for Metal business cards.