Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Design Production for Print//Print Inspiration//Print & Pattern II.

Whilst stocking up on paper supplies in the Uni library today, I came across quite a treat! Already on my Amazon wishlist from spotting it online a couple of weeks ago, 'Print & Pattern 2' was sitting proudly on the 'new books' shelf... and I automatically snapped it up, the first to take it out (always makes it feel like a precious find!). Recently I've really started to fall for print, and this book has some truly wonderful examples- combining some of my old favourites such as Darling Clementine and Rob Ryan with some new, exquisite design pieces from surface pattern designers, illustrators, and graphic designers alike- this is certainly something I would like to pursue more of. 
Having developed a small taste of print and pattern through my Design Production for Print Wes Anderson film festival promotional work (see my Design Practice blog for more details) this has provided me with great inspiration- both for the current project and the future- I really want to experiment with different rendering techniques and textures. Great stuff.

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