Thursday, 10 November 2011

Design Production for Print//Vector & Infographic Design Inspiration.

A selection of images and general design which have inspired my vector-based infographic designs. Love the minimal colours used and bold, grided formats and styles- a great collection of images to work from 
for my own design development- which can be found on my Design Practice blog.

Labour Market Intelligence publication. Love the minimal colours used and the page layout and griding- really bold and simple- great, rich orange colour. Definitely going to make my work look like this!

The Official Manufacturing Company / Work / Frances May / Re-Brand- sweet, simple design which reflects my design idea for my latest logo design (which can be found on my Design Practice blog)

cla-se / Claret Serrahima. Again, great use of minimal colours and griding structure- a playful, contemporary style that I would love to emulate within my own work.

LOVE this designs by Graphic Designer Amanda Jane Jones- really fun, playful designs- love the one colour plus stock and the really clever vector designs- fun, yet still grown up with a sophisticated colour palette. The "Party in a box" has given me great inspiration for the film festival mailshot- I need to create something much more fun! Lighten up, Sophie.

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