Saturday, 5 November 2011

Design Production for Print//Festival Promotion.

Researching existing examples of printed design which have been created in order to promote festivals (in particular, film) to inspire my own design developments for my Wes Anderson hypothetical film festival (more information and developments of which can be found on my Design Practice blog).

The LuckyRice 2011 Festival Promotional Design, created for the annual LUCKYRICE culinary event in New York City which promotes Asian (and, in particular, Chinese) cooking. A great, simple colour palette with a very kawaii-esque Asian style of vector illustration, accompanying portraiture photographs- sweet, simple printed media- works great throughout the range, and very visually communicative and eye-catching. 

A design for Guidance 2011 contemporary dance festival, as designed by Portuguese Designers Atelier Martino&Jaña. A great used of the four colour CMYK printing process used throughout- particularly on posters and the front and back cover of the book- designed in such a way that it appears as if, in the printing process, the printing plates have not been aligned- giving this great allusion of mis-aligned overprinting, which adds real character and a sense of movement and energetic dynamic in the design.

Some incredible portrait photographs taken by Matt Carr for the Toronto Film Festival- wish that I could work with photographs like these- they are truly amazing. So simple, but the light and emotion portrayed captures the personalities of the actors so well. If only I could have been on set for Wes Anderson's films in production!

This design is, frankly, BRILLIANT- just the sort of thing I'd love to make for my Wes Anderson film festival promotion. This hypothetical promotional design by German Designer Florian Feiter for the famous Sundance Film Festival encapsulates the mood of the Festival so well- wittty, tongue in cheek- with a wonderfully bold, considered design. Just super- also covers a multitude of promotional and merchandise products- just like I want to do. Totally inspiring.

Love this simple, though well- considered designs for a Sci-Fi Film Festival. The design and consideration visually communicates in a successfully styled way- love the use of the blue spot colour, simple vector illustration and griding used on the printed publication. Just up my street- to create something this simple, yet so visually bold and, ultimately, effective is my goal for this project.

Branding and design for the Argentinian Mountain Film Festival by Designer Horacio Lorente. Here, Horacio has combined several different design outcomes to create a really edgy and high-impact design- combining vector illustration with crisp photography, overlays, type and, all-in-all, creating a bold and memorable portfolio of work to promote the event- all working well with one another due to consistent visual communication and imagery.

One of my personal favourites! This design for a French Film Festival by Hungary-based Designer Áron Jancsó uses repeat pattern and cleverly constructed typography wonderfully well. The cute pattern print utilises commonly-loved French foods, along with the nation's flag colour scheme for a fun, playful design. Perhaps would have changed the original brown poster to black though- to ensure consistency throughout the range.
I'm definitely going to try and apply repeat pattern to my designs- it works so well here- not too childish, but not too grown up- perfect for my Wes Anderson film target audience (young adults).

More festival design by Atelier Martino&Jaña- this time, using exquisitely considered layout, composition, type, spot colours and imagery to create an edgy, sophisticated design that whilst keeping consistent with it's colour palette still keeps you guessing with a well varied design style.

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