Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Design Production for Print//General Design Inspirations and Influence.

A seemingly quite random collection of design and works that have inspired me in the past two weeks or so- images that have been blogged via my tumblr account (http://sophiewilsonandherillustrations.tumblr.com/), generally just due to ease and lack of narration needed- always providing a quick and easy method to keep track of design I am inspired by to potentially blog towards Uni work at a later date.
These images below have direct links and inspiration for my final design outcomes (which will be sketched up and posted onto my Design Practice blog within the next couple of days- as well as being designed digitially ready for print production.)
Direct links and sources can also be found to original designs, designers, etc, through my tumblr account.

FANTASTIC MR. FOX- looking at developing my own vector-style repeat pattern and how to create an iconic, yet individual silhouette shape, etc. Etsy's homepage (featured second image down!) is the homepage of the day- sooo on trend...


LOGOS//ICONS- how simple iconography and bold logo design can really sell a product/design in a minimalistic and crisp way- keeping fuss to a minimum.

PRINT//PACKAGING//PUBLICATIONS- influenced here, particularly, by printed publications- love the spot colours, combinations of type, the way in which (in the top image example) the type spreads across the DPS- the die cut of the orange booklet to reveal an image below- the spine colours- all great ideas which I shall utilise and combine with my own design developments and unique content.

SIGNAGE//WAYFINDING- the map image below (a vinyl wall sticker) reflective of my own map designs- using minimal colour palette spot colours for a bold silhouette- contemporary, and modern.

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