Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Good Is//Design Production for Print//Festival Branding.

A quick research and image source for existing Festival branding. Really wish that I'd looked into more generalised branding for Festivals at an earlier stage in my project- perhaps film was too niche/cliche? I found myself stuck in a rut a lot- so I'm sure this would have helped.
My bad.
For more work and to see this design in context, see my Design Practice blog for more details.

Love the colours used in this design- fresh and contemporary, whilst still communicating a vibe of the guitar's 1960's heyday with the cool blue tones and rounded stock, reminiscent of some of the hand-rendered typefaces commonly associated with Festivals such as Woodstock and Glastonbury.

Simple, bold vector imagery- straight to the point and informative. Perhaps a little too vague in terms of design for what I'm proposing for my own hypothetical Wes Anderson film festival, but good use of minimal spot colours and variations of format and composition- interesting series of printed media.

Beautiful gradient metallic inks used in a screen print style on these posters- really interesting and unique design outcome- unfortunately can't see too much detail in the low-res image- but great series of colours- each poster their own unique outcome, yet still visually communicative as a set due to the repeat pattern size, 
page format, and composition.

Simple typographic design- the dark grey and lighter tone grey background perhaps a little too dark for my liking, but it works well against the vibrant green. Fun, rounded typeface- visually communicative of the spirit of St. Patrick's Day- lively, playful and unique in it's spirit.

Great use, once more of minimal spot colours and tints used throughout this printed publication- with a combination of type, image, and infographic design. The green combined with the recycled card stock for the cover and back bind work well to communicate the design's environmental policy and ethos- a traditional and distinctive combination of stocks and colours.
The simple pictograms work really well to communicate the message in a memorable, insightful, yet contemporary and modern way- translates to both adults and children in terms of visual communication, so covers a wide audience and target market.

Bold, colourful photographic imagery works wonderfully with the deconstructed, inventive typographic layout- bold, high impact design- though simple and very communicative- easily translated and understood.

Love the colour combinations used in this printed flyer and promotional media for a Frehser's event in Glasgow- the combination of the bold vector imagery and typographic layout makes for a really high-impact and memorable design reminisant of 1980's geometric patterns and electric feel.

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