Friday, 4 November 2011

Design Production for Print//More Infographics.

Looking at a little more infographics work for inspiration for my 'Design Production for Print' project- acting as inspiration for my printed programmes and to deliver more information about both Wes Anderson himself, 
and his films.

The examples above are by Director Lauren Manning- I really like the mix of design outcomes- with photography, vector illustration and infographic designs combined- seemingly all working together to make a great portfolio of infographic design. I want to create designs like this! Simple but incredibly effective.

A visually engaging and rather beautiful infographic design pulication by Project Projects- 'Mapping Istanbul'. I love the simple vector illustration and wonderful colour palette used- a great variation of flooded spot colours, warm and cool palettes- totally inspiring- I want my programmes to look like this! 
Also interesting use of overlapping designs in the center margin- something I've avoided in the past but definitely want to try more of now- a really contemporary and simple design.
Mapping Istanbul November 2009
8 x 12 inches, 224 pages, softcover (open-binding with dust jacket)
"This book presents an initial effort to map the city of Istanbul, a city steeped in complexity. Working collaboratively with Garanti Galerie and architects Superpool, Project Projects established a uniform visual style for the hundreds of maps and information graphics included. The book's design presents this information in an accessible, narrative sequence, creating a valuable resource for architects, planners, and policy-makers invested in the city's future." 

A wonderful set of vector illustrations and infographics by designer Andrew Janik- in which he documents the top business destinations as travelled to by aeroplane. Again, I love the simple vector illustration and the bright colour palette- really well communicated and great visual communication of what could otherwise be a reasonably dry subject matter.

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