Thursday, 10 November 2011

Design Production for Print//Existing Film Festival logos.

Throughout my project, I have constantly been returning to films, and film festivals as a source of inspiration for my own work- wanted to create something which is new and original, yet is still visually communicative, and high impact. One of the unusual things I found when researching film festival logos (some examples shown below) was whilst there was plenty of laurel wreaths, film reels, and other standard representations of film, there was also a great deal of variation- some innovative and inspired, others, frankly, looking rather corporate or visually confusing and a bit lost... some of the more interesting examples found can be seen below.

LOVE this idea- great logo- however, naturally, I would have assumed that this was a logo for a NYC film festival (big apple connotations), but it is actually for a film festival in Kazakhstan... this city/town may have an association with apples (?) though I don't think I'm the only one who would of have my initial reaction, despite the text reference below the logo's image. 

The BAFTAs take a slightly more traditional route, emphasising the classic art of stage performance and theatre- I want to try something a little more fun and upbeat.

Whilst the series of logo images above are- well, fine, they aren't necessarily very representative of a film festival. Staked with style and heritage, the logos are an effective form of communication throughout the years, but to a newcomer to the festival(s), it may not be quite so clear.

Innovative illustration idea- but reminding me of a palm tree, and with a very Sandals- esque holiday brochure typeface in the world 'Cine' (Cinema) this reminds me a little too much of a hotel resort logo.

Probably my favourite logo of the bunch- picrograms are a great way to directly portray a message in a bold and simple way- love the shape and the colours used, really high-impact and eye catching- certainly inspired my own logo development which can be found on my Design Practice blog.

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