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Design Production for Print//Existing Packaging.

Researching existing packaging design for my own 'Design Production for Print' project- a hypothetical Wes Anderson Film Festival, in which I will be creating promotional material, as well as merchandising- food packaging, in particular, at the festival, being created, and therefore retaining inspiration on this post for.

Love this new packaging design by Sainsbury which reflects back to some of the designs from the 1960's/70's- wonderfully simple, bold designs- utilising unique colour palettes- bold, geometric typefaces and quirky compositions- really inventive design concept.

"We love this invitation created for the private dinner gathering of the finest chefs in Charelston, South Carolina.

"We worked with Chef Lynch and her team to create packaging for an Italian Picnic Basket which also served the invitation. Each item in the basket was hand-wrapped and adorned with a sticker labeling the contents. The invitation was letterpressed on butcher paper and wrapped around Chef Lynch's homemade Socca mix."
Designed by Sideshow Press in Charleston, South Carolina "On our pony-sized 1926 letterpress, we press and print each piece individually reactivating the vintage press is a labor-of-love collaboration of three women.""

Love these really sophisticated letterpress label designs for the promotion of a Private Dinner gathering- on food packaging design. The simple monochrome design is simple, and works wonderfully well throughout the entire range as a result. Sharp, sophisticated and wonderfully finished- need to work on my print finishes!

"Sweeteeth is a boutique handcrafted chocolate company that originally approached us for packaging design services. At the time, the company lacked a trademarked name and its products and branding were unready for a national audience. We extended our services for Sweeteeth beyond simply redesigning the existing packaging to include business renaming, logo design, product naming of each of the bars and development of a tagline.
Love this hand-rendered, friendly packaging design that, nowadays, in particularly uncommon- fun, playful and a little bit naughty, it communicates the chocolate company brand very well- it doesn't take itself too seriously, so why should you?

"Mr. Conde Studio created and developed special packaging for ice cream brand Nonna Lina. A homemade Italian ice cream brand that has developed its revenues more than 60 years, this tradition was the starting point for creating the brand and its packaging. Made with the finest natural ingredients and grout developed in southern Italy, Nonna Lina ice cream has a philosophy to be the best soverte the world with the best flavor, better texture and promises to offer a passion for candy ice cream."

Wonderful design for this 60 year old Italian Gelato ice cream company- a rich colour palette which brings the well-established company up-to-date with a real contemporary aesthetic and visual communication. The differing colours work well to communicate the flavour and contents of the ice cream pots, whilst the contistent patterns and type ensure that a consistency remains within the brand.

"In the words of San Churro – “When it comes to chocolate, the truth is that there’s no substitute for REAL cocoa butter. It’s like ketchup without tomatoes, or an omelette without eggs – it’s the key, essential ingredient. Chocolate without it simply is not chocolate, but rather a sub-standard B-grade pretender: all show, no substance.”
The design response was to create something artisan, hand crafted and most importantly, REAL to reflect the product itself. The result being a range of products each with its own individual type execution and colour-way printed on 100% recycled card. A flexible solution to cater for any range expansion in the future.”"

Love the simple, yet sophisticated brand and packaging design for San Churro chocolate company. The recycled substrate  stock wonderfully reflects the natural contents of the product, whilst the enlarged 
pastel-palette typography ensures that the product remains a bold, contemporary competitor within 
the huge industry and marketplace. 

"The project contains a conceptual solution for the packaging and its graphic identity. The essence of the project is creating a new brand ‘Flavours of Podlasie’, ntegrating different local producers and in terms of graphics – visual reference to the ornamentation style of the region. Particular groups of products are identified by distinct colour codes while the essential graphic theme is based on a typical pattern of double-warp fabrics from Podlasie Region. Called 'Green lungs of Poland', Podlasie Region is popular with foreigners, who come here to see the lasts primeval forests and taste real specialities of a long tradition. The idea may contribute to an increase in sales of Podlasie food which is famous for its good quality and ecological values as well as the region’s economic development and its promotion."
Wonderful, contemporary design and packaging for Polish honey products- whilst still remaining visually communicative and true to other honey products (therefore not confusing or alienating existing honey buyers)- love the simple illustrative repeat pattern and vector design.

"Our brief was to develop K Shocol√Ęt brand to appeal to a more feminine consumer and with more emphasis on gifting. It was important that the look still had strong shelf standout and was able to stretch across a number of varied formats without loosing cohesion. We began by establishing a clear brand positioning and developed the new brand values: Iconic, elegance, pleasure, experience. We felt that one of the unique things about the brand was the name itself and designed a strong iconic K logo and the K signature pattern. The logo is designed to encourage the correct articulation of the brand name as K Shocol√Ęt The pattern helps gives the packaging a unique and contemporary feel."

Really great contemporary chocolate brand packaging- something that would certainly stand out on the shelf! As noted in their brief and feedback (text above) the pattern and packaging design helps to communicate a really modern, trendy product that is completely opposing the existing, dull packaging and would certainly make you look again in a boutique store, and particularly in a supermarket. Great logo too- totally simple, but it works. The rich, brown chocolate colour palette certainly does it's job in making me crave some chocolate.

"OneBar is an all natural fruit bar. Purely fruit, no added sugar or artificial ingredients. The client requested a brand and packaging to appeal to kids and adults alike. And to stand out in the segment of fruit leathers and energy bars. The initial launch is with cherry and apple. They are in production with mango and several additional flavors to follow. We developed a simple icon and distinct color palette for each flavor."
Designed by Rubber Design

Designs for one bar packaging by San Fransisco based design company, 'Rubber Design'. A wonderfully simple and contemporary design that visually communicates, and, all in all, gets the job done! The basic vector illustrations ensure that it is suited for both a simple, colourful children's design- along with sophisticated minimalism and conceptual logo targeting an adult audience with great success. 

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