Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Design Practice III//Printers//Glasgow Press.

Considering the design and print outcomes for my briefs, and, in particular, for the University of Leeds Ballet Society brief, I have started to research commercial printers to hopefully achieve a high-quality, professional standard in my design outcomes.
One of my initial ideas, and something I hope to explore through the University facilities on Friday, is embossing (blind) for a subtle and tactile effect.
Whilst I was at the design studio, Glad, in Gateshead over the summer, (see my PPD blog or link above for more details) I really admired their business cards, and the junior designer, Sam, lead me to Glasgow Press where they were professionally printed.
Inevitably, the cost of printing per unit is high due to the processes, but prices are reduced with an increased number of units. Something to experiment with and consider at a later date (for potential discussion with Ballet Society President, Carys). Looking forward to testing the lasercut and print facilities at Uni later on in the week.

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