Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Design Practice III//Honey Bee Editorial Design.


Eine für Alle – Lang lebe die Königin, Steffie Golla

Whilst researching for honeybee-related design projects online, I came across this gorgeous editorial honeybee information guide by German designer, Steffie Golla, which won an honourable mention in the Behance Student Design Showdown. Much like something I would like to produce for my gift pack (to spread the awareness of the endangerment of the honeybee in the United Kingdom), Steffie's book contains beautifully presented editorial and layout design with illustrative and photographic designs adding to the infographic/informative style of the publication. A wonderfully crafted design, and one, I'm sure, I will take great inspiration from.

For my own, personal, design developments, see my Design Practice blog.

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