Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Design Practice III//Mark Ronson & Tom Darracott.

Yesterday, during the crit session, it was suggested by fellow BAGDer to look at the design for Mark Ronson's album cover, 'Version' for inspiration for my Orange Juice 'Rip it Up' promotional designs.
After an initial search, it was instantly recognisable from when it was realesed several years ago, though never really realised how great it was. The combination of photographic materials and type is so perfectly balanced, and the heavy custom uppercase type is exactly like what I was hoping to achieve for the orange juice brand design, so a really great source of contextual inspiration.

It's got me really inspired to play around with different materials and textures- looking at shredding, ripping and perforation as potential methods of visual communication. Some really great work- see my Design Practice for future design developments.

Originally created and designed by Tom Darracott for Sony to emulate street flyposters.

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