Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Design Practice III//Honey Packaging.

Exploring honey jars/packaging design for potential sources of inspiration for my own brand development/packaging work for my Honey Gift Set brief. Some great examples of design, as shown below, I particularly like the use of hexagonal jars (glass), something that I'm hoping to experiment with myself, and also the test tube-like shape of the viles in the 'Taste of Honey' project outcome.

Throughout the packaging designs, I'm really fond of the bold simplicity and combination of the saffron yellow and golden colours against the start black stripes, visually communicating the honey bee itself.

Some great sources of inspiration, see my Design Practice blog for my project development.


Juan Jose Marnetti,Miels del Desierto
Sally Anne Lee, Honey, Honey
Danielle Mitchell, Taste of Honey

Ah & Oh Studio, Babees Honey

Amy Retuerta, Grandpa's Honey Pack Extension: Drone

David Sadowski, Lake Superior Honey Company

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