Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What Is Good...PRINT PROJECT/Concept Research.

Making a list of points to research for my 'What Is Good' print-based project, upon The Films of Wes Anderson. Considerations include:

* Research exhibition and museum spaces to photograph (Photoshop for proposals), contact, perhaps display work. Source exisiting branding design, guides, printed media. Examples include: Thackary Medical Museum (Infographics and wall vinyl), Leeds City Museum, Leeds College of Art, Barbara Hepworth Museum in Wakefield, Bradford Media Museum, etc.

* Locations such as Leeds City Museum, Henry Moore Art Institution, Bradford Media Museum, Barbara Hepworth Gallery (Wakefield), TestSpace Leeds, Hyde Park Picture House (source other film/museum related spaces in and around the UK).

* Different, exisiting designs for print (stock, colours, designs) for: Museum Guides//Vinyl Wall Art//Tickets//Posters, Mailshots, Invites.

* Special Colours/Spot Colours/CMYK.

* Research existing design: Infographics//Maps//Museum narrative and text//Books, design mags, fanzines//Flowcharts ("Which Wes Anderson film would suit your mood?", etc.)

* Information and summary of Wes Anderson films: History and background of Wes Anderson//Critics reviews//USD film grossing//Awards- nominations and wins//Summary of films//Actor reviews and summary//Auteur corellations and features in film.

I will progress with my research stage of the design process immediately, and will post all findings onto my design context blog.

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