Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Researching Existing Design: Flowcharts.

Looking at existing flowcharts as a way of documenting and processing information. Potentially to create as printed media for my project as a guide to the Wes film best suited to one's taste, genre/style of film, etc. Here are some inspiring examples find online, with annotation.

Graphic Designer/Illustrator Steph Baxter's designs for 'Oh Comely' magazine. A simple flow chart system with decorative features to bring the page to life. Good variations of shades and tones within the design.

Again, another really simple and playful design. Minimal stock colours used, with added texture for the "vintage" or aged look- decorative, but not really serving any function- purely aesthetics.

A consistent blog feature- I love these infographic flowchart designs by the Film company Studio Canal. Just the right mix of type and image, keeping the designs informative, yet still visually interesting and appealing. The images instantly communicate the theme of the information in a clear and concise way.

Frankly mental- the information here is vast, very condensed and very busy. Probably a bit too much going on for my more minimal tastes. Definitely keeps the eye busy, mind. Good use of minimal colours, once more- keeps the design bold and eye-catching.

Choosing a font flowchart- great idea and inspiration- definitely utilise this style- personal taste questions and information, in a minimal and easily negotiable design.

A day in the life of a designer- described as a "choose your own adventure" flowchart. Fun, playful design- like the idea of the excitement with flowcharts in general, but this is catered towards a personal interest- as could the Wes Anderson flowchart be designed. Inspired.

A flowchart demonstrating the "Do's & Dont's of Typography"... perhaps a little bit to sporadic and multi-directional for me. For the purposes of informing (as I would be) I think I would need something a little easier to follow. For me, I also find the colour a little garish for what I would expect to be quite a sophisticated and educated design piece. But maybe that's just me.


A flowchart documenting a day with "all work, no play"... interesting colour scheme, minimal colours whilst still remaining eye catching. A great deal of written context (along with imagery) ensures that the reader is kept busy. Perhaps something more direct would be suited for me- less information required.

"Can we date?" flowchart. Really like this design. Genuinely funny and with instantly communicated colour theme (pink= romance, love, flirtation, femininity, etc). Like the simple pictograms used- unfussy but instantly understood and recognised. Great for infographic design.

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