Friday, 23 September 2011

What is design- Print//Branding & Identity//Mad Brew Productions.

Here, Graphic Designer Adam Hill designs the re-branding for Mad Brew Productions- an events company working in the live music industry- whom, at the time of re-branding were also expanding their company into other media such as photography, music videos, and so on.

On his online portfolio, Adam describes the feedback from the client "The client loved the aesthetic of a traveling Victorian salesman and the concept of one entity 'wearing many hats' was used to neatly package the three brands together."

I love the contrast visual concept of the contemporary practice of the Mad Brew Productions Company with the Victorian etched style, giving the branding a really traditional, yet exciting feel- using minimal spot colours and unqiue compositions to bring the design into the modern day. The branding design was printed throughout the stationary, business cards and clothing for a full re-brand image for the company.

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