Thursday, 22 September 2011

OUGD201 Design Production/Print- Wes Anderson blogs.

Sourcing more information and finer details about Wes Anderson. Found his review profile on Rotten Tomatoes- a critics site which rates the "freshness" of movies. Here, details about the percentage of fresh for all of his films, details about his involvement with films (producing, directing, screenwriting, etc) and also the amount grossed at the box office. 
Information shows that Fantastic Mr. Fox has the highest "fresh" rating with 93%, whilst The Life Aquatic... has a 53& rating (borderline "rotten"). Also some great reviews...short and snappy. Potentially to include in some infographic designs...

Good, varied mixture of reviews from professional critics- possibly come back to at a later stage to extract more information from.

Interesting and insightful bio and facts from Yahoo movies about Wes Anderson and his personal life- interesting to read about his behaviour at school as a result of his parent's divorce. I knew that the character of Max Fischer in Rushmore was inspired by Wes' experiences (and infatuation with an older woman) but this makes the autobiographical details even clearer- perhaps giving more evidence as to the background of the character's precociousness.

A blog documenting the "perfect mixtape" of Wes Anderson- as well as giving personal ratings to his films. Interesting to find out how music influences plot direction and character development within his films. Music is a starting point- the characters come after.

Found a tumblr blog which devotes itself to the films and fan design inspired by Wes Anderson. Particularly bad taste gold frames around the images- but a good range, definitely following this in hope of more future inspiration.

Another Wes Anderson-inspired tumblr blog. Not quite as much detail and content this time- definately based on aesthetics, capturing screenshots of the films, etc. Still, decided to follow via tumblr in hopes of future inspiration potential.

'Rushmore Academy', a Wes Anderson-inspired blog documents events and more significant dates in the Wes Anderson calendar. Interesting information and details, and more inspiration for potential promotional design direction. Also linked to pictures from the set of 'Moonrise Kingdom' (due for release in 2012) to come to a blog post soon!

Great essay on the films, life, and influence of Wes Anderson and his films. A little too much text (though all very insightful and informative) to post here, so follow the link above to read more.

Another essay post from website 'New York Movies'. Again, a little too much dialogue for the blog post, but an interesting read nevertheless.

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