Saturday, 24 September 2011

What is design- Print//Information & Wayfinding.

Beautifully inventive and bright information and wayfinding system design for Tęczowy Szpital Dziecięcy Hospital in Poland (translated as 'The Rainbow Hospital'), created by designer Kasia Kaczmarek (sourced through the Behance network). 
Through various sources of printed media, signage, iconography, printed fabrics, labels, character design, etc, Kasia creates a playful and memorable design system to help navigate the hospital residents to specific rooms in a friendly and homely environment. 
I love the bright colours and rounded vector design characters used for the designs- really distinct, just my taste in design.


  1. thank you for featuring my project! One thing though. The project hasn't been designed in Portugal but in Poland (where I am originally from). I'll appreciate this tiny correction.

  2. Sorry I've only just seen this comment!
    Of course I'll change it :) Sorry for the error!

    Sophie x