Friday, 23 September 2011

What is design- Print//Information & Wayfinding//Always with honor.

One of my all-time favourite design companies 'Always With Honor' is a Portland-based US design company, specialising in illustrative vector and infographic design. Combined with a love for pie and 'The Empire Strikes Bacl' AWH "do work that makes you happy, repeat". 
There work has been a huge inspiration to me since first discovering them a few months ago- a great website, minimal, crisp, and easy to navigate- hovering over greyscale images to reveal their colours along with a hyperlink for added interest.

Two particular favourites projects from their portfolio include the 2009 'Colours & Culture' Infographic design for the publication 'Information is Beautiful' which documents various culture's visual perceptions of colour (third and fourth image from the top of the page), and 2010 'Wolfmother Timeline' for 'Wired' magazine, which examines the evolutionary path from wolves to modern day domestic dogs with colour coded and informative vector illustrations.

For me, their designs are sleek, contemporary- but, importantly, fun. Great to look at, and an entertaining way to learn and withdraw information from.

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