Saturday, 24 September 2011

What is design- Print//Packaging & Promotion//Love 2 Bake.

Innovative and desirably designed packaging by DesignBridge, an international branding firm, for chef Julia Barclay and her pre- measured Baking Kit brand 'Love 2 Bake'- containing all the ingredients and measures to the exact recipe- so you don't have to fuss around buying bulk measures and having cluttered cupboards.
An innovative and creative product concept with an equally delightful packaging design- "blissfully simple, just like the ingredients", as it is described. The mirror-reflected '2' enconorporates the brand name with a hearfelt and homely aesthetic, combining the colours of ingredients inside the package for individual identities within the brand. The typography combines calligraphy and letter press on uncoated paper for a subtle, yet high-end appearance.

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