Wednesday, 3 November 2010

visual language: sequences through space.

The Channel 4 idents are probably the most famous examples of sequences through space in modern day- advertised throuhgout the world, and recognised by many.
In the series of idents, this one, of the rocks and sea, is probably my favourite- by far the most subtle in regards to scenery and construction- the most "believable" ident- accompanied by soft and harmonious music, a very serene and natural scene.

This scene is from a 'Peter Pan' stage production- where set design is key to creating the magic and transaction from the contrasting scenes- London town, to Neverland, to a blue lagoon- even to a pirate sky! This scene shows the latter, with layers of set design giving the effect of dense, billowing cloud come in from the side wings.

The BBC have produced a great series of short idents, shown at the beginning of the channel's programmes. Ranging from woodland creatures, to surfing the waves, they show great variation and character, each one being linked by the subtle 'O' shape (from BBC ''O'ne) created in the center of the main image.

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