Sunday, 28 November 2010

Collection 100 Research: Steven Pippin.

 Steven Pippin is an English artist whom specialisies in kinetic sculpture and photography.

The vast majority of Pippin's work takes influence from a youth spent around his father, constantly constructing and wiring electric equiptement, thus resulting in his work having an industrial aesthetic, created with industrious and creative techniques- often handmaking many makeshift cameras from various bizarre objects, taking influence from the birth of technological advances in photography.

In 1999, he was shortlisted for the Turner Prize, with his work 'Laundromat-Locomotion' (below), which showcased a row of 12 washing machines inside a laundromat into a series, photographed by cameras triggered to trip wires, inspired by Eadweard Muybridge's 'The Horse in Motion'.

Never before coming across Pippin's work, at first glance I assumed that it was photography of Muybridge's era- the early days of 35mm experimentation, and therefore, was completely delighted to discover just how well he had replicated this style, in such a charmingly persued and crafted way.

Whilst this style is not typically a favourite of mine, I really love the way he has set about creating it, and now feel really inspired to attempt some of these pinhole style images for myself.

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