Sunday, 28 November 2010

Collection 100 Research: Tim Noble & Sue Webster.

Tim Noble and Sue Webster are England-based artists, whom were associated with the contreversial post-YBA generation of artists (emerging after the original Young British Artists), and have had career-long support from art collector and curator, Charles Saatchi.

The collaborative team's work typically depicts piles of rubbish upon which a light is projected, creating a shadow (usually of the artists), which is completely contrary to the shape the rubbish makes- making a metaphorical comparison between the two.

As with a lot of the YBA's work, I'm afraid, although I appreciate the meaning and messages behind the work, I cannot really appreciate the visual construction of the art work. Fine Art is a subject area which is very hit-and-miss in my mind, and although, as aforementioned, there are a few circumstances within the YBA's work that I actually quite like, the crude, brash style and portfolio of Tim Noble and Sue Webster's, unforutnately isn't a particular favourite.

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