Sunday, 28 November 2010

Collection 100 Research: "Lissy Elle".

"I am someone who likes to pretend that I don't care what other people think of me. I like to pretend that I make my art for ME and no one else. But there comes a point in every artist's life that they crave recognition. Admit it. Be not ashamed. This is only human.

The overwhelming support I've recieved from the online community may be the only reason I've been able to get this far. Whenever someone says I have inspited them, I realize I can never stop. If anyone creates anything that wouldn't exist if it wern't for me, I feel likeI can change the world. When I don't have that rush for a while, I need that feeling back. My images are half for me, and half for you.

The more views I got on a photo I'd post on Flickr, the more offers I got. For book covers for album covers for magazines for ads, and I feel insanely blessed to do something I love because a few people took a liking to whta  teenage girl posted on the internet."

The wise, humble, and charming words of Canadian teenage photographer, Lissy Lariccha, undoubtedly one of my favourite photographers of all time, of whom I have followed online through the flickr website (, truly inspired by her fantastical, and often morose imagery, immaculately edited to create breathtaking dreamscapes.

To me, Lissy is the perfect example of what hard work and determination can achieve, and I am sure, without her work inspiring me each day, I would never have developed my own passion for photography half as much as I have done.

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