Sunday, 28 November 2010

Collection 100 Research: Wolfgang Tillmans.

Wolfang Tillmans is a German-born Artist and Photographer whom splits his time between his Homeland, and the in London (he studied at Bournemouth & Poole Art College), and was the first photographer and non-English artist to be awareded the Turner Prize in 2000, and since this time has gone on to achieve great sucess and win many awards the world-over.

At the start of his career, Tillmans worked as a documentary photographer, capturing London's street culture and the clubbing generation, working for pulications such as Face and i-D. However, this common subject was presented in numerous ways, creating a unique style, with formats including: polaroids, photocopies, inkjet prints, framed images, unframed, magnified, and cropped images- these perhaps slightly mundane or samey images becoming experimental, often bizarrely composed.

Although it is clear that Tillman's has technical skill and a clearly vivid imagination, I don't think that his style is really one that I will ever warm too- a style which I don't think is all that distinctive, I wouldn't instantly be able to look at one of his images and think "That's a Tillman's!", also, I feel myself favouriting composed portraiture, of course, completely contrary to his style.

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