Sunday, 28 November 2010

Collection 100 Research: Roni Horn.

Roni Horn is a visual artist whom explores a variety of different art mediums including sculpture, illustration, photography and publishing, often closely linked with themes of humanism and relationships, creating tension and emotive language between the viewer and the subject of her works- often over a series to show change through time and sequence.

Through the past thirty years, Horn has taken particular muse from her visits and connections with the country, Iceland, and, thus, is reflected in a lot of her work- often showcased through weather and light.

Although I do like the meaning and thought-process of Horn's work, I don't really like how linear her work is- I find myself, in my personal taste, always proving fondest of artists and photographers with a very distinct style, yet also a very different thought process for each creation- each with it's own thought process and deep, often complex meaning and message behind each one.
Whilst I like the visual outcomes of her work, I feel that the emotive effect isn't as powerful as I would hope.

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