Sunday, 28 November 2010

Collection 100 Research: Sabastio Salgado.

Sabastio Salgado first applied photographic techniques and skill to his work relatively late in life, when working as an economist for the Iternational Coffee Organization, travelling on behalf of the World Bank, until 1973, when he abandoned his career to persue his love for photography, eventually travelling to over 100 countries in persute of photographic projects.
Salgado's work has always attempted and focused on the wellbeing and support of others.

In 2004, he began a project named "genesis", which aimed to present a realistic overview of nature and humanity, which was followed by his series of coffee workers (from India, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Brazil) in 2007 to raise awareness of the origins of the drink, and promoting fairtrade business.

Again, Salgado's work is new to me, and I am very pleasantly surprised by this new discovery.
For me, photojournalism seems to come under a whole new genre to photography- being so diverse and varied, but Salgado's style is so distinctive and crisp that it really does stand out from so many images- strikingly emotive and real, his work, I believe is a real credit to the struggles that many face the world-over.

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