Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Initial Ideas, Research and Links for 'No News Is Good News': Message & Delivery.

From recieving my brief, I have started to collect and gather a series of resources of inspiration for my design.:

card boy. introduced in a presentation by tutor, Fred Bates.
Cardboy has a wonderfully vivid and child-like array of wonderfully playful and innovative designs- a real inspiration in terms of how nets are constructed...thinking "outside the box"

 oxfam unwrapped- The Oxfam charity site, promoting the idea that your money can be put to practical, life-changing use.
must have gifts- world vision.- The 'World Vision' charity alternative to the popular Oxfam site, offering a vast array of beneficiary gifts available for purchase- TB Screening, School Textbooks, Mosquito Nets, etc.
present aid- christian aid.- Christian Aid website, afordable, with many unique gifts "womery", etc...
practial presents.- an unusual selection, with great varies in cost and afforability.

I have recently felt very inspired by the natural tones and design used in the promotional film poster for Mike Leigh's latest release 'Another Year'- perhaps consider using more natural colours- brown, white and green as oppossed to the high contrast black? Softer, more encouraging aesthetic- more likely to persuade people as oppossed to "bullying" with a bold, forceful design.


Through my initial design ideas and research, I am sure that I would like to delve further into the idea of promoting "alternative gifts". Originally, my question or statement that I was going to propose to my mail shot audience was:

"Entrepreneur James Caan recently offerd 100,000 rupees to adopt a baby. But what do you have to spare?", though in reflection, and even at the time, I realised how short-sighted this could potentially be, and with many people not necessarily knowing of this story, it could result in a very long-winded and exhaustive piece, therefore i require something much snappier and "to the point", as well, I believe, as being presented on a much wider topic.

I now hope to rephrase my mail shot, perhaps with a message relative to the charitable gifts you can purchase, and this will, of course, require more research.

Some of the most important factors to consider throughout this project are:


In graphics, these will impact the success of your work, in design, and final outcomes.


What are you trying to achieve in your graphics practice? These factors should always be considered when designing.

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