Sunday, 28 November 2010

Collection 100 Research: Tim Walker.

Tim Walker is undoubtedly one of my favourite photographers of all time- inspiring and egniting my imagination, with a style that I could only ever aspire to achieve- the images I have shown (including a previous image for 'Miss Dior' balloons advertisement shown preiously on this design context blog) are among a few of my numerous favourites from his portfolio.

After graduating from Exeter College, Walker went onto develop his experience and interest in freelance photography- working as an assistant in London before moving to New York to work alongside the notable photographer, Richard Avedon. Along with the experience he gained in his work placement, along with being awarded third place for the Independent Young Photographer of the year, his popularity and fame rose to even greater heights, gaining status throughout the photography world.

Some of Walker's most notable commissions to date include British Vogue, Dior, Vanity Fairm Gap and Harper's Bazaar, with exhitbitions at the National Portrait Gallery and V&A Museum showcasing his work in their permanent collections.

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