Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Design Production for Digital//Top 10...//Noma Bar.

Being given a copy of the fantastic book, 'Negative Space' by iconic (and one of my personal favourites!) Graphic Designer, Noma Bar, I really admired the bold, vector-rendered illustrative style produced by Bar- dependent on strong visual concepts and use of minimal block colours in a simple, yet very effective design outcome.

I feel that this is the sort of visual outcome I would like to work with for my own motion graphics 'Top 10' design project (see my Design Practice blog for further details/examples of my work), for my subject matter, penguins. The bold, monochromatic with spot colour vector-based style will work very well for my chosen target audience, 5-11 year old children, as well as being a clear visual representation of the distinct and bold animals themselves. 

Below, I have photographed a few of my favourite illustrations from the book, that may inspire me to think more conceptually and creatively than I may have done in the past.

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