Monday, 19 December 2011

Design Production for Digital//Top 10//Kinetic Type Screengrabs.

Taking a further look at kinetic type within this module- this time for my 'Top 10 Things' project, to look at the combination of kinetic type with music/soundtrack backing, and the necessity for precision in time management to the soundtrack. For the best example of this, below, I have blogged kinetic type "music videos", which have been created post-release of the song hits, carefully timed to the lyrical or instrumental beat of the songs.

A lot of stamina must have been required to make this video! For me, the typefaces don't always feel quite right or appropriate for the lyrics, but a great use of effects and experimental layouts used- and very well timed to the lyrics within the steady pace of the song.

Really great movement and effects used in this video- I love the beat pump motion which is used- can't wait to get experimenting with effects like these in my own designs- works really well with the music to create a high-impact, bass-like visual design.

Great use of multiple colours (in a varying colour palette) and contemporary cool typography used which helps bridge the movement between key frames in this motion graphics piece. Subtle movement and animation is used to great effect in communicating the lyrics in the song with considered style.

Again, a lot of dedication in making this motion graphics piece! Papyrus typeface, I think, isn't very well utilised here as the title key frame, though throughout the rest of the animation the combination of typefaces and simple, vector illustrations work well, with the colours and motion used being the main focus of variation and change- the repetition through chorus working well as a repeated sequence, most notably.

Perhaps a little too much going on in terms of sequence and key frames for me here... but, again, fits well to the pace of the music, and, of course, an appropriate colour scheme. The typeface works well for it's neutrality and versatility within the design.

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