Monday, 12 December 2011

Design Production for Print//Silent Movie//Desperate Housewives Title Sequence.

Another great example of a contemporary source of animation in a film/televised programme titile sequence- here, the US programme 'Desperate Housewives' (created by Marc Cherry) is introduced in a simple, yet effective animated sequence which could easily have been crafted on the Adobe After Effects software- with iconic images of women in arts, culture and the media used to represent the housewives of the tv show's title.

The overall effect is perhaps a little messy and cluttered for my liking- but a great inspiration to see how something so "busy" can be simply created.
Again, I have gone on to capture the key frame images in an Issuu document (above) through the use of screengrabs in order to gain an understanding of time and motion through the sequence- what would be useful, it the future, would be to also note down the specific times to see how the story board key frames were developed and prioritised.

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