Monday, 12 December 2011

Design Production for Print//Silent Movie//Monsters Inc. Film Title Sequence.

Looking into closer details at some commonly popular stop motion and animation sequences- particularly looking at title sequences and the way in which they are styled to be both unique and visually communicative of the forthcoming film.

One of my favourite title sequences (featured above) is from Pixar's 'Monsters Inc'- this sequence showcasing the great character and playfulness that can be adopted by both letterforms and inanimate objects- great inspiration for my own typographic work in the 'Silent Movie' project (see my Design Practice blog for further information). I love the way that the colours are also used against the stark black for a really high-impact, memorable animation piece.

The key frames of the animation have been highlighted by myself through a series of screengrabs (featured in the Issuu document above)- really interesting to see the frequency of key frames in relation to the overall duration of the motion piece and how this is effected in the overall pace of the motion- a great help to develop my understanding of how time is manipulated within animation- I will keep doing these small tasks to help build my contextual research and awareness.

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