Monday, 12 December 2011

Design Production for Print//Silent Movie//Anatomy of a Murder Film Title Sequence.

Here, Saul Bass' (legendary minimalist Graphic Designer) design for the film title sequence of Alfred Hitchcock's Thriller classic 'Anatomy of a Murder'- shown in an animated motion graphics style that Hitchcock became well known for.

Although very simple with bold, sans serif type, a minimal monochrome colour palette and simple cut-out-like shapes for the visual imagery, this film sequence is simple and communicates easily to the audience the subject matter of the film without overpowering it, or overshadowing the film itself. 

Again, I have highlighted the key frames throughout this Issuu manual document (feature directly above) which will hopefully be a source of inspiration for my own key frame and storyboard development throughout the 'Silent Movie' motion graphics project (see my Design Practice blog for more information) in which I will emulate this classic minimalistic style to fit in with my own portfolio of work.

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