Saturday, 3 December 2011

Silent Movie//Kinetic Type Research.

Some brilliant examples of kinetic type sourced through Vimeo- a video sharing website which I will be using for the intirety of the design for screen module (throughout both the 'Silent Movie' and '10 Things You Need To Know About...' project) for both presenting and documenting my own work, and researching the work of others.

Here, some great examples of kinetic (motion graphics) type- which I will specifically be looking at, and recreating with my own two design words 'Float' and 'Stretch' (see my Design Practice blog for more details)- manipulating typography for visual  communication and/or a narrative using the Adobe After Effects Software in short five-second bites (a minimum of five videos for my final outcome). 
Some of my favourite designs so far- each with it's own quality that appeals to my own style/way of working (the majority of which were created in After Effects- the few exceptions in Cinema 4D)

1// North by Northwest, Henry Chang

Chic, classy piece of design- would make a wonderful, and unique, film title sequence. The monochrome colour palette ensures it looks classic and sophisticated.

2// Where The Wild Things Are, Seth Akkerman

Really fun use of materials- visually communicates the feel and the style of the film well. Clever integration of image with type, though, unfortunately, I won't be experimenting with the two just yet. Great blend of colours used also, really childlike and bright.

3// Liar Liar, Dale Hyder

Fun, playful simple- good consistency of colour (used in the title credits/typography of the film itself) and subtle use of pictorial/vector images which works well with the bold typefaces used.

4// The Story of Us, Sabine Bein

I didn't know this was Taylor Swift when I originally clicked on it...honest. Again, I love the simple vector imagery, just my cup of tea! Plus, the colours combined with the typography work wonderfully well together- both feminine and contemporary.

5// A Very Vimeo Valentine, Doug Chang

Utterly romantic- this would always be a greater gift than roses. Lovely use of movement and variant of point sizes and typography throughout the video- really bold, high impact- certainly leaves an impression.

6// V for Vendetta, Christopher Silich

Really simple but stylish- works wonderfully with the beautifully sophisticated linguistics and language used in both the film and this motion graphics piece- just the right level of edit- where it's so naturally it's a "barely there" visual- natural and just right.

7// Bohemian Rhapsody, Alan Ayers

Not too fond of the overall visual outcome (never been a fan of background textures in motion graphics... too messy and uneccessary for me)- fun use of visual communication through the placement of type, which fits the narrative of the abstract nature of the song very well.

8// Conan O' Brien, Jacob Gilbreath

A really unique video- one colour, the combination of decorative typefaces and the rotation make this quote piece really visually engaging- simple, but totally stylish in a crisp, clean and minimal way. Brilliant.

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