Saturday, 3 December 2011

Silent Movie//Kinetic Type Research Task.

In one of the two research tasks for the Silent Movie project (see my Design Practice blog for more details) we were assigned for over the weekend, we were asked to look at an existing piece of motion graphics design- specifically kinetic type. For the first part of the task, being asked to take a series screen grabs of the design (twenty-five). From my research and videos sourced earlier today, I chose this hypothetical title sequence for the classic Hitchcock film 'North by Northwest' for it's interesting variations of composition, type layout, and minimal, sophisticated colour palette.

 I took twenty-five screen grabs over the 1 minute 15 video (75 seconds)- resulting in a screen grab every 3 seconds (temporarily left the time bar on the bottom- I'll crop the images down before I print them off for presentation on Tuesday- just for my reference for the meanwhile). Really interesting to see the progression in the kinetic type design this way- distinguishing the key frames throughout the design as well as developing a closer understanding of time specifications, movement, and composition.

Then I went on to generate a series of screen grabs highlighting what I felt were the key frames within the motion graphics design. Surprisingly not as many as I thought- being a title sequence, the design covers a lot of content, though each key frame specified here (on average 75 seconds/# of frames) is at every 3.75 seconds- though, of course, could easily be broken down into more detailed and depth. 

Again, I will crop down the images ready for print and annotation for Tuesday's scheduled workshop session.

The sheet ready to print and annotate on Monday (printing onto A3 scale to achieve the highest resolution, scale and quality of image at short notice)- bit peeved with the widowed frame at the end- but I wanted to achieve the largest frames possible within the dimension limits- GD sacrifices must be made. Again, I will annotate this with directions and time frames once printed (and post an image below...). 

NOTE: After talking with friends (GD buddies) today I realised that we don't have to annotate the screen grabs as we will in fact be cutting them out... probably should have been listening more carefully...

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