Monday, 17 January 2011

100 Book Covers: Existing Product Research.

Almost certain that I would like to create a book (or some other very similar form of publication- a pamphlet, fanzine, etc) for my final product, I went out to Waterstone's today to research exisiting products- collecting some of my old and new favourites.

I looked for many different aspects, largely focusing on design and arts books, as I knew the design consideration would be a necessity for the front cover.

Points of focus included:

*orientation of the book
*layout of the book
*colours used
*typography used
*images used
*methods and techniques used
*photography used
*printing methods used

In every book cover or design I found something that inspired me and made me think "wow! i can't wait to try that out when I'm desiging!" it's just having the time to squeeze them all in...

Really, there were no limits to the preference of the designs- some were cluttered, some where completely minimalist, but I know that it is a truly inspiring feeling that at this stage I really have no limits (other than time, of course), so, as soon as possible, I will begin sketching and desigining my product.

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