Tuesday, 11 January 2011

What Is Design For Screen?: Blogs.

  The 'I love typography' blog offers a fine typographic feast- detailed and informative, easily-communicating and sharing important or interesting typographic links, sources or news. The blog page is very helpfully clear and well-presented, not only with the standardized layout of blogger header and posts, but also with sidebars of 'popular articles' and handy links to new fonts. This will definately be one for me to watch in the future- great for any level of graphic design knowlegde- really diverse.

Mark Design- A Brighton-based web and graphic design agency. 
A great website- easy to navigate, modern (using sans serif, bold typefaces). A minimalist homepage, with an abundance of links onto further information- all with a consistent layout style- great for branding the company.
Plus, a refreshing use of pink with monochrome tones- an individual and memorable choice.

A really bold, youthful blog- crammed with inspiration, advice, hint and tips to excorcise all your graphic design needs. I really like the clear, very readable layout and structure of the blog- with strong reversed-out sans serif captials used in the logo (see above), making it the main focus, and therefore memorable.
Also, I like the varying graidents that the designers have used on this page- mixing black, greys, whites, and almost a metallic silver- a very sophisticated look, which enhances what may otherwise have been a reasonably bland monochrome colour scheme, if used consistently throughout the entirety of the blog. 

Not a great fan of the design of this web blog, per se- although I like the blend of colour with the monochrome text and background- the font used for the logo doesn't, in my opinion, work very well with the photographic image to the right- I think that the design looks a little too formal for what you may expect on a blog which boasts for "all the best graphic design..." (a practice which indulges on modern, edgy style)- however, the layout is clear and readable- and with a really interesting blend of design practices and fields of interest which undoubtedly helps maintain the interest and the desire to look further on into the blog. 
The content is truly interesting- but the design could certainly do with a fresher, more contemporary look.

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