Wednesday, 2 February 2011

What Is Design for Screen?: Miscellaneous.

An enchanting paper- cut adventure, bringing a pop-up book to life, creating a theatrical experience, using light and motion to manipulate the magical scene.
A really creative, innovative idea. I've seen many papercut animations but something to this scale and whimsy is completely new to me- i love seeing how such an every day object can be transformed in such a playful and magical way.

I love this South Park 'World of Warcraft' kinetic typography piece found on youtube. Admittedly, as a not-so-secretly-huge South Park fan, I may be a little bias, but I really like the hierarchy of text used in this piece, in a subtle, yet very effective way. With many kinetic typography and motion graphics videos with dialouge, they tend to be very dramatic- the manipulate of text, therefore, being naturally easier.

Also, I like the way that the imagery has been used in this piece with the typography forming the shape of a clock when Eric Cartman talks about the time they will spend on 'World of Warcraft'- fun, whilst not being too elaborate and over-the-top.

 Bokeh desktop background by '-kol on deviantART.

I've really found myself interested in wallpaper design and designers of late and I really liked this colourful example which comes in several variations: dual and single display, widescreen and fullscreen, PSP version, and iPhone version.

There is a lot of interest in the design, with a mixture of photographic and computer designed textures, with a great gradient and blend of colours running through the screen.

The soft pastel colours also keep the design subtle, and wouldn't interfere with the readibility of any icons, files, etc, already exsiting on screen.

 Adobe Designer Series by Keith Brock.

A really great, minimalist wallpaper design displaying the adobe software icons- I really like the amount of negative space and colours used- interesting composition, but I would like to see other possible arrangements? Perhaps closer to the bottom right-hand corner, or centre bottom, or left-aligned vertically, in the style of a mac desktop.

Really creative used of type as image using after effects 7 software- this motion graphics typography piece has really changed my perceptions of how type can be manipulated in this skillfully crafted video. 

I really like this child-like animation video for the song 'Bubblegum' by band 'Clinic'.
Great concepts in terms of imagery- a cat floating away on a blown balloon of bubble gum (as you do...), ladybirds disguising themselves as mushroom tops...etc... really quirky and full of imagination.

I also really like the textures used in the design, a charmingly aged aesthetic- almost as if it were pulled out from a classic children's story book. 

Wonderful and just the right side of mad.

A brilliantly fun, interactive site- great for designers and the comic sans crimefighters of the web. 
I really like the layout of this website- an usual scroll downwards, almost refreshing the page to a new tablet image- really inventive- and it certainly maintains interest with the variation of type and colour used.

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