Monday, 12 November 2012

Design Practice III//Intelligent Clashing.

On Friday, whilst on a day placement with tutor Joe Gilmore at Qubik, I met his wife, Rhiannon again for a second time (after a brief meeting when I went for a studio visit in the summer), and after some conversation about work and careers, I found out, whilst also looking after their daughter, she runs a very popular blog site named Intelligent Clashing, which I went on later in the day, and just found brilliant. 

For me, it's proved a real inspiration to look outside of Graphic Design for sources of research and inspiration within my design developments, and something that I'd be really keen to pursue throughout the New Year, potentially setting up a new "lifestyle" tumblr blog to maintain and track alongside my personal and professional development blog which exists outside of my University work. Keen to get started!

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